Websites for Restaurants

restaurant website SEOHaving a properly developed website for your restaurant is one of the more important aspects to the success of your business. More people than ever use their laptops, tablets and smart phones to find a restaurant and make a reservation. We develop custom restaurant websites that will properly reflect your brand with a clear call to action, whether it’s getting customers to call your restaurant, email your restaurant regarding a private event, or use the online reservation tool to make their reservations.

With a clear call to action, our restaurant websites work very well to accomplish their goal. Our team has the experience to properly develop a website that will meet and exceed your expectations. We back our work with monthly analytics showing the number of new visitors to your website, phone calls generated from your website, reservations and covers that came direct from your website.

Online Value from Restaurant Websites

A purposefully designed restaurant website by our team will increase your customer traffic. This is of tremendous value to your restaurant and its staff. When our restaurants are hitting full stride, they should see an increase in online covers and reservations. Our proven system integrates with many different reservations platforms. Let us do the work and take your restaurant to the next level.

Components of a Successful Website

You can’t just hastily launch a restaurant website and expect it to increase your online reservations. There must be a proven internet strategy integrated into the site. Just as a website for an attorney must be thought out, a website for a restaurant must be carefully planned and executed. There are five critical components that not only need to be placed on the website, but also need to be properly positioned on the web page. Most restaurant websites are missing these key components. Our team has been perfecting the placement and use of these essentials for many clients’ websites. Let our team explain how to maximize your restaurant’s website by increasing customer traffic.

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