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Social Media Marketing & SEO in ChattanoogaFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn … it’s a social world out there! Social media encompasses most of the exciting communication platforms launched in recent years. It seems like every year a new social media service is created. Many business owners take the attitude of “if it’s online, we’d better be there.” Your online marketing strategy must be strategically placed to yield results, however. The social media team at Ridgetop Marketing understands the most effective social media services and integrates them in a way that will truly benefit our clients.

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Business

One of the dangers in using social media for business is over-posting. Too many posts can create “white noise” or what seems like “spam.” Remember, the customer has the ability to like or unlike, follow or unfollow, connect or disconnect, so your business has to be strategic in what is posted and how often. Too many posts or irrelevant posts will actually hurt your business, because potential customers will no longer hear your message. Many companies end up looking unprofessional due to the posts they write.

Making Social Media Work

If you want to make social media work, be strategic and have a plan. Our team integrates strategies such as video marketing into our clients social media assets. This online marketing strategy helps to accomplish our goal of getting our clients visible and increasing their online customer traffic. These social media strategies are working for our clients and all in different industries we represent. And it will work for you.

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