The Importance of Google Maps

importance of google mapsThe importance of Google Maps cannot be overstated, especially if you run a small business. It has become one of the most effective methods of generating leads online, and if your company does not treat it as a priority it is time to do so.

What is Google Maps?

If you enter a search term that has a local component (such as “internet marketing Chattanooga,” for instance), a map will appear right below the paid search listings. Below that map you will see what is known as the “Google 7 Pack,” or seven businesses listed A through G, with the business name and phone number. Each of the “7 Pack” businesses will be listed on the map, corresponding to their A-G position in the listings. When you click an A-G company, you will be taken to a new search page with expanded business information in a box on the right side, including the address, hours and quick links to directions as well as the company’s website.

The importance of Google Maps is highlighted by the fact that people tend to use this tool quite often to get in touch with a business, since so much relevant information is provided in a very easy-to-use manner.

How to Get into “The Magnificent 7”

There are many different factors that go into determining how a company can be listed in the Google 7 Pack. While there is no sure-fire way to ensure you will make that list, there a couple of things you can do to increase your chances.

First, make sure your citations are completely correct. Citations are listings in local online directories such as YP, Yelp, etc. Your NAP, or name, address and phone information, must be exactly the same as on your website. Also, the more 4- and 5-star Google  reviews your business receives, the better your chances of making the 7 Pack.

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