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business woman SEO InternetSearch engine optimization literally means optimizing various elements of a website so that search engines can find it. Ridgetop Marketing has quickly become a respected SEO agency in Chattanooga. We are often asked, “What do you do to make SEO work?” Our answer may surprise you. For us, the answer is analytics.

We watch the analytic trends of our client’s websites which show the number of visits. Why? Because the most important reason why you have a website is to increase your customer traffic. If the website visits trend is going down then we respond with the items that Google values. If the website visits trend is going up them, we continue with what we are doing to the site. These might include items such as blogs, Google Maps listing, fresh content, local directories and more.

SEO Agency Increases Customer Traffic

Known as one of Chattanooga’s top SEO agencies, Ridgetop Marketing works hard to produce tangible results from SEO strategies. An SEO strategy should be customized to a businesses customer’s individual demographics and industry. How a doctor reaches patients is very different to how a restaurant reaches its clientele, for example. The SEO team at Ridgetop Marketing has worked with many different types of businesses to implement an SEO strategy that accomplishes three key things:

  1. Get Your Website Found Online
  2. Develop Positive Brand Awareness
  3. Increase Online Traffic

The Goal of SEO

The goal of many SEO agencies is to simply increase your ranking on Google search results. Our goal is to increase your online customer traffic, while maintaining a high search ranking. That is ultimately what makes SEO work for your business. The professionals at Ridgetop Marketing will customize an effective SEO strategy that follows Google’s best practices to increase your online traffic.

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