How Google Maps Marketing Helps Local Businesses

At one time the success of a business was linked to whether or not they were listed in the local yellow pages. Today, we have Google maps. Business success, especially on the local level, is strongly tied to a company’s search engine ranking.

Google Maps MarketingWith hundreds of millions of Google searches performed every day, it is little wonder that this is the case. When a person needs a particular product or service, they naturally look it up on their computer, phone or other mobile device. If your business does not show up on the first page of search engine results, odds are that the potential client or customer is going to end up going somewhere else.

Being Visible is Important

Of the hundreds of millions of Google searches every day, over 50% of them are looking for products and services in their local area. While we may think of search engines and e-commerce as being a global phenomenon, the fact is that services like Google maps are best suited to serving local businesses. Google maps can actually bring much of that potential business right to your door.

Google maps is an online, search engine driven mapping service that is connected to Google’s world famous search engine. Google maps actually offers much more than mere maps, especially to local businesses. By offering street maps, satellite photos, panoramic street photos, route planning and traffic conditions in real time, Google maps can actually place customers at your store front in a matter of minutes.

How Google Maps Works

While some may see all of this as a fancy GPS, a savvy business person will immediately recognize the marketing potential of this incredible service. Understanding this, Google has made it possible for businesses to use their service as a supremely practical marketing tool, allowing you to upload photos of your business and a 200 word keyword driven description of your business.

When customers in your local area look for your particular products or services, they will be able to instantly find information about your business on Google maps including where you are located, what you sell and even view photos of what your business actually looks like. The best part is that Google maps is completely free. To learn more about how Google maps marketing can help grow your business give Ridgetop Marketing a call at (423) 668-0272.