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wild west PPC pay per click marketingPay per click advertising has become the “wild west” of online marketing. Everyone is fighting for a top position within search engine results. It is based on getting a keyword or key phrase to appear prominently in the ad space of Google. These paid positions display above the highest ranking organic search results.

Online advertisers bid a certain amount “per click” for a key word or phrase that they feel will be popular with their target market. You literally pay every time your ad is clicked by an online user. Businesses vie for specific keyword ads, making it potentially expensive and extremely competitive.

Many SEO agencies push pay per click ads as the ultimate solution to the problem of how to capture customers using web searches. You might even hear a number of SEO companies say that pay per click is the only way to guarantee your business gets listed on page one of Google. That claim can be misleading.

The internet marketing team at Ridgetop Marketing, however, understands that there is much more to the pay per click story. In our opinion, it is the most expensive way to get listed on Google. Practical experience has shown us that pay per click advertising should be part of online marketing strategy, but not the only strategy.

When Pay Per Click Works

Ridgetop Marketing is a pay per click specialist based in the Chattanooga, TN, area. For our clients, we use well researched and customized strategies to implement pay per click advertising programs. We only recommend PPC programs that we know will fit specifically into your online marketing campaign. A proper pay per click campaign requires technical knowledge, such as advanced keyword research, A/B Testing, industry-specific campaigns, negative keyword analysis and more.

No matter what others may claim, you simply can not “set it and forget it.” Pay per click requires monthly analysis and consistent attention to maximize its return. Our pay per click team has all the experience and resources required to build, manage and maintain a cost-effective PPC marketing campaign for your business.

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Ridgetop Marketing has successfully developed pay per click campaigns for our clients. To learn more about pay per click, or our other services, call us at 423-668-0272. You can also reach us from our online contact form.