3 Common Video Marketing Mistakes

online-videoVideo MarketingMore and more companies are turning to video marketing as production technology becomes not only more affordable, but easier to use as well. But simply throwing a video on your website will mean very little if you do not have a sound strategy behind doing so. Here are some of the common mistakes that many business owners make when it comes to using video.

1. Making a Video Too “Salesy”

If your video marketing efforts are too promotional, most people will ignore them – much like they ignore blogs that have too much of a “salesy” approach. While you obviously want to make clear the things that make your offerings different from that of the competition, there is a certain way of presenting that information that will not turn people off. You want to offer information people can use, not make a commercial. There is nothing wrong with putting a call to action in your video, but wait until the last 10 or 20 seconds to do so.

2. Limiting Your Video’s Exposure

Many business owners post high quality, informative videos to their websites, but only their websites. If you want to brand your company, you want to build your audience as much as you can. You should also consider posting to video sharing sites such as Vimeo and YouTube to make sure as many people get your message as possible.

3. Making a Video that is Too Long

You want to inform current and potential customers – not bore them. The attention span of your audience will probably be quite limited, so you do not want to waste their time. Make your video as short and to the point as possible.

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