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Websites Must Convert Views to Customers

website design services for businesses in and around chattanoogaLet’s face it, this is the digital age and your website design provides a customer’s first impression of your company. Good or bad, how your website looks, flows and feels will making a lasting impact. But let’s take that one step further: does your website convert viewers to customers?

Ridgetop Marketing is a website design agency in Chattanooga that has successfully helped many businesses improve their digital presence. Our team has the experience and expertise to properly design and build a website that will represent your brand and convert views to tangible customer traffic.

Having a website that simply looks great is not enough. Your website must effectively increase online customer traffic to your business! As a top SEO agency in Chattanooga, we do that through a variety of creative and technical methods, each unique to the needs of your target market.

Fluid Responsive Custom Websites

All of our website designs are custom. We never purchase theme templates, which can leave your site with a boring, cookie-cutter feel that immediately has you disappearing into the forest of lookalikes on the internet. What we produce for you will be completely original. Our website design team takes the time to understand your vision, your brand and your call to action appealing to specific target markets. With precision, they compile all of that information into a design that makes your proud. More importantly, it is a design that will ultimately increase your customer traffic.

Layout With a Purpose

Most websites are missing the most important ingredient – a clear call to action. What do you want potential customers to do? Do you want a them to call your office? Do you want them to send email? Can they set up appointments online? For restaurants, can they make a reservation online? Your layout must have a clear call to action. It should be simple and intuitive. Our website design team in Chattanooga excels at creating unique website designs with clearly defined calls to action. Let us show you the five key layout features we’ve shown to be successful for our clients.

Website Content is King

Google and other search engines place a high value on websites containing fresh, unique and original content. In fact, industry experts agree that content is now more important than keywords in online marketing. The overall message delivered by your web pages mean more than stuffing so-called “strong” keywords into the site. Today’s internet is patrolled by increasingly complex algorithms. These advanced search engine programs can indicate whether a website contains oddly disjointed search terms, advertising jargon, repetitive fluff or if it actually delivers logical information that may be useful to website visitors.

One reason why some websites don’t rank very well is that their content is duplicated on other websites. Think about it – Google wants its users to find more websites that are relevant to their search. To provide the solutions that internet users are seeking, Google search results favor websites with valuable original content.  So if you want your website to rank higher on search engines, create pages with unique content. Our content marketing team is comprised of professional writers and researchers who follow Google’s best practices to produce top-quality content for all of our websites.

Compatible Website Design

fluid responsive web designYour customers use their tablets and smart phones more than ever before to search for businesses like yours. People want to access information on the go, not just when a desktop computer is conveniently available. The question is, how does your current website look on an Android or iPhone? Too often, even in today’s digital marketplace, websites are hard to read and may appear broken when viewed on a phone or tablet. This is not the case for fluid responsive websites developed by Ridgetop Marketing.

Fluid responsive sites automatically convert from desktop to laptop to tablets to smart phone modes. Our reliable platform takes your content and properly scales it up or down to flow smoothly onto any size screen. Get ahead of your competition and make it easier for customers to find you fast! Our website development team can build you a custom fluid responsive website that will seamlessly convert to any platform.

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