Local Online Directories

online search results, local search listingsLocal online directory listings include websites such as Yelp, City Pages, Mojo Pages and City Squares. These sites will list your business information for potential customers to easily find. Thus, they do play an important role in a company’s overall online marketing strategy. However, keep in mind that none of these local directory sites are obligated to list your correct company name, address phone number or web address. You must make sure your information is correctly listed on these many local directory websites.

There are thousands of local online directories. However, some may actually be the wrong directory for your business. Chattanooga SEO company Ridgetop Marketing specializes in getting its clients properly listed on all those local directories that carry a high Google page rank.

Your N.A.P. is Key

N.A.P. is an industry term we use that stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. It is important that all local online directories have your business using the same name, address and phone number everywhere it appears. Additionally, they should be an exact match.

We have worked with clients who had no idea that a wrong address and wrong phone number was appearing on various sites. Or if they noticed an error, they had no idea how to get it corrected before working with us. Imagine all of the customers they may have lost because their contact information was wrong? Don’t let that happen to you. Our team can get you properly listed on all the approved local directory sites.

Which Directory Should I Be Listed On?

There are hundreds of local online directory sites on the internet. For best results, a business should be listed on a directory that is geographically specific and industry specific. If an attorney is in Chattanooga, their firm should not be listed as “attorney in Chattanooga,” not “attorney in Knoxville.” Additionally, some online directories are important for your business listing, while others are considered “bad” listings in terms of SEO or online reputation. Our local listing experts constantly monitor and research all those local directory sites with a high Google page rank value. Those top sites are where we get our clients listed.

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