Online Reputation Marketing

Did you know that the process of reputation management actually begins before there is a problem? This is an inescapable fact that many business owners don’t know or understand. Read on to find out more about proper online reputation management with the help of Ridgetop Marketing.

Effective Reputation Marketing is Proactive

online reputation management chattanooga tnThe best defense against slander or outspoken complaints against your business is an established, solid reputation. For instance, if you run an auto repair shop, someone inevitably is going to be unhappy for some reason. If you’ve already established a strong reputation by providing excellent service and fair pricing, however, one dissatisfied voice among all the other positive reviews will quickly be outnumbered.

Further, you can show that you care by engaging any dissatisfied customers in a professional online “conversation” that values their opinion. No matter how unreasonable the angry customer’s complaint may be, your business will look more honest compared to others posting only 100% unrealistic five-star reviews.

Showing that you care, accepting the feedback and providing a reasonable remedy means a lot to prospective customers who are still researching products or services. When there is a common theme to complaints, it is definitely time to reevaluate your business practices.

What Reputation Marketing Isn’t

Reputation marketing isn’t a quick fix. Sure, you may have heard of companies that buy or write a lot of fake positive reviews in an attempt to drown out negative comments online. That approach won’t fix anything. Most of the time, the reviews are filtered or marked as spam by review sites such as Google+ or social media marketing sites such as Facebook. Customers are getting better at spotting fake reviews every day. Finally, tampering with online reviews could land you and your business in legal trouble. Fake reviews is a form of false advertising. If you encounter a company that claims they can remove bad reviews, they are more than likely scamming you.

Protecting Your Brand With Reputation Marketing

One of the best ways to protect your brand is taking control of all of your major properties on the internet. Do you know for certain that all the information out there on the internet about your brand actually originated with you? Your company identity exists online in all sorts of directories, maps products, social media profiles and more. You should know where all that information is and who controls it. A competitor, disgruntled ex-employee or an angry customer could claim any of these listings, leaving you powerless to correct errors or stop damaging attacks against your reputation. You could possibly gain control of the property or properties, but do you have the time? You have a business to run. Save yourself the time and hire an online reputation management professional.

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