Debunking Some Stubborn SEO Myths

SEO MythsWhile many business owners are on board with SEO and know how important it can be to website traffic, others are still hesitant to develop a search engine strategy for several reasons. Here are just a few of the more common SEO myths in an effort to correct these misperceptions.

SEO Simply Does Not Work

This is probably one of the most persistent – and flat out wrong – SEO myths out there. Nearly half of all customers considering a purchase will rely on a search engine. The majority of businesses with an SEO strategy report it has a huge impact on lead generation. When a lead is generated through a search, it is much more likely to turn into revenue.

It Is Too Expensive

In order to have the most effective SEO strategy possible, it is imperative that you hire an Internet marketing agency – unless you just happen to be an SEO expert. Building a strategy takes a great deal of time and effort, and it will continue to provide you with benefits long after your program has been implemented. The investment you make now will very likely pay off for years to come. Most agencies will be able to provide a program that is well within a company’s budget.

I Just Need to Buy Some SEO Software

While there is SEO software available, the process of implementing a successful program cannot be automated. In fact, if you rely on software alone, you run the risk of producing a great deal of spam that can destroy your ability to rank highly on search engines.

At Ridgetop Marketing, our experts have a long track record of success in building effective SEO strategies for companies across several different industries. Do not buy into SEO myths – let our professionals show you how SEO can drive customers to your door. Contact us online or call us at 423-668-0272 for more information.